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Ok, let’s do this together. You have 9 dots that represent different aspects of your life. Most of us juggle career and finance, psychical health, personal development, spiritual development, our relationship with others, loved ones and/or the family, fun, and entertainment, and most of us have those pesky dealing with bills and annoyances.

Connecting all those dots is not easy, right? And this is why you are here. There is a part of the puzzle you are not able to solve, but please don’t blame yourself for it; after all, you are the one juggling all the balls and making sure they don’t drop. It is hard to do that and look for the best path forward. Even readers will find it difficult to decode their own lives because there are so many things going on simultaneously. (In fact, tarot readers are my repetitive clients).

But let’s do an experiment. Try to connect all the dots. The assignment is actually very simple: draw these 9 dots on a piece of a paper and connect them with ONLY ONE continuous line (no lifting the pen from the paper) and that one continuous line has to connect all the dots. That one line represents your life. It is not as easy as you thought, right?

Correctly connecting ‘the dots of your life’ will tell me where are you coming from and why. It will tell me what made you be a person you are, and what most likely will be projected in the future, And because of the fact that I have that overview, I am then able to construct an alternative line and guide you through the issue.

Yes, the cards do not show a “cast in concrete” future. Instead, they show a potential future based on your current actions. If you like what you see in a reading, continue on your current path. If you’d prefer to change what you see in a reading, change your behaviors and beliefs.

Your Future is being created from the Now. Tarot can be a useful tool in that creation. A Tarot reading can provide clarification, suggest a direction, examine alternatives, and offer possible solutions. The key is within YOU. Let the magic of the Tarot guide and empower you!

Now, let’s change the subject for a second. remember this guy? With the discovery of the crucial, though, an unexpected link between space and time, Einstein realized that these two things could no longer be thought of as separate things. They are fused together and form the continuum (manifold) of space-time, viewed as a four-dimensional vector space.

Suddenly, he realized something unbelievable, namely that our understanding of past, present, and future and the sharp difference we see between them – may only be an illusion.

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one” he said.

Most everyone knows that Einstein proved that time is relative, not absolute as Newton claimed.


15 MINUTE session: burning question answered – $40USD

If this is your first time reading with me, I suggest taking this option. It is not my goal to be a Mme Tarot reader with weird candles, incenses, and scarfs. I actually know what I am doing and I know that this is much more than ‘answers’. I see this as our life paths connecting where I can serve you as a light on a crossroad.

This period of time, these 15 minutes, give us the ability to focus on one, but burning question in your life
This is not a reading that only requires a YES or NO answer but rather it will show the aspects influencing the querent.

The best questions to ask are something like these:

  • Tell me about me and X, and what is in the store for us?
  • What can I do to attract my soul mate?
  • Is my relationship crowded? (Tell me about the obstacles/third party/hidden issues )
  • Tell me the real truth in this matter (for those of you who want to reach the closure)
  • Please give me the relationship guidance
  • etc.

The 15-minute read is basically 30-40 minutes as after I receive your question I will need to focus to really get your essence or the ‘vibes’ or whatever you want to call it. I will then decide what tools are the best for me to use (and which card deck) to best address your issue and to find the way to ‘connect those dots’. It is only then that I will turn the camera on and start your reading, only when my entire focus is on you and your question.

What will happen next is that I will upload this reading and send you a private link which you can view time after time for many days, months (and years) to come. After the reading, I can address a question you might have about something I mentioned in the reading and will answer it to you via email.

I will also send you any link, tool along the link to your reading, if I mentioned such tool in a reading e.g. meditation, relaxation technique, a book to read etc. Those are up to you if you want to follow, but those are ingredients I feel you must have to be able to cope with these type of problems the next time.

And lastly, you will receive 10% off coupon for your next reading which will be valid for 45 days, so prior to ordering the next follow-up session (and work on improving the situation in the meantime), please contact me so I can set up a discounted payment link.

Standard reading turn around is 7-10 days and in this reading, I will not answer questions regarding legal matters or health concerns. Furthermore, sending a payment confirms that you are in agreement to my Terms & Conditions.

To book your 15 MINUTE COACHING SESSION right now, click here

Did you get this deep in the reading description?


So here it is, the answer to that pesky dot-connecting question.

Let me answer the other questions for you as well.


If you issue is multi-faceted, or it will require more in-depth analysis, I suggest you review my other divinatory options:


    This is a comprehensive full-service divinatory experience that not only addresses up to three of your inquiries, short-term or otherwise, but also presents revelatory insights that you’ll want to revisit time and time again in the future. A complete tarot divination session from me is both a general reading and a specific reading. For more information about this reading, click here

By the way, have you checked my YouTube videos? Click here to surf Cat Tarot YouTube Channel. It will show you how I approach the reading and how precise I am. Here are two direct links to give you an idea of how detailed I am and how much time you will really need:
Example 1 – Donald and Melania – Is their love real?
Example 2  – Will he come back to me? 

If you are unsure which session best serves your needs,  or if you purchased this session click here to send me the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your date of birth
(and time of birth if known. Please write the name of the month so there is no confusion)
3. His/her name
(if a question is about someone else as well)
4. His/her date of birth
(if a question is about someone else as well, and if this info is known)
5. Your question –
one question for this reading option

So please send these question or contact me at mysticcattarot (at) gmail (dot) com, or click here

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