Well, hello there : )

First of all, let me say that I’m not affiliated with any longstanding esoteric traditions or lineages. I certainly do not get angel or fairy visits and I do not hear voices or dead people. Yet my concentration of study is in various metaphysical practices. So I am an independent metaphysician. Tarot counselor. It makes sense. Don’t laugh at it.

Then we have the issue of the name. Cat. It is a pseudonym that has so many layers, all very meaningful to me. It certainly is short for Catherine, my middle name, but mostly it describes my fascination with elegance, intelligence and sophistication of felines, and the fact that on a good day I also look like one.

In so many ways, this pseudonym is closer to my true identity than my given legal name which is a name of a fairy princess! Weird, huh?

I opted for the pseudonym in a determined attempt to keep what I do here separate from my professional life as a marketing strategist, therapist and a life coach. Oh, yeah, by the way, while for my Life Coaching business I use NLP, mindfulness, and meditation,  most of my daily bread and butter is still earned from marketing and strategizing.

And yes, I am still juggling that full-time job in addition to what I’m doing here, and on top of that producing my YouTube video logs. More reason to continue the pseudonym. Plus, throughout occult history all the cool people had pseudonyms and if nothing else I want to be cool.

I grew up Europe (EU) and later moved to Canada. For a while, while studying, I also lived in the US.  As a child, I was that asking-too-many questions and I was a kid who read all the books, including all the ones in the occult sections of the public library. In third grade while at a mega-bookstore for the first time (or the first time in recallable memory), my father said I could buy one book, any book I wanted. I chose The I Ching: Book of Changes. The very first book I bought by myself with my own allowance money was in sixth grade. This was a big deal, mind you. My own money! I bought The Encyclopedia of the Occult or something with a similar title like that. It was a nice, thick, juicy book chock full of reference material. In high school, I was still devoting time to learning, anything from music to programming!

Then at some point adulthood happened and I became really focused on higher education and then my career. I sought out resume-worthy accomplishments, not woo-woo pastimes, though without a doubt there has always been an intense streak of woo within me. I just kept it to myself. Like, wayyy to myself. That’s why when Cat Tarot YouTube was launched, it came as a surprise to many in my arm’s length social circle, though upon reflection of all my demonstrable interests, those who really knew me and had already been getting tarot readings from me, receiving mysterious talismans “for good luck and protection,” heard me talk about numerology, feng shui or ascendant signs, or had accidentally stumbled upon my gemstones and crystals collection, the new public push of my metaphysical interest was no surprise at all.

Now, since this is my website on metaphysical interests, let’s talk about my metaphysical point of view. I don’t take divination, craft, or any of the work I do in the esoteric lightly. It is inextricable from my understanding and view of the world, of the cosmos. For me, strict compliance to ethics isn’t a matter of professional code or integrity; it’s a matter of my own fate and personal karma. Something that has pulled me always, throughout all of my life, has been the need to share. My mom says that when https://myvulkan-clubs.com/resident/ https://igrovyieavtomatibesplatno.com/attila/ I was a toddler and others visited our home, I’d run to my room to grab all my toys and share my toys with everyone. Any time I found myself in possession of five pieces of candy, I would give away four. The more I liked something, the more I wanted eagerly to share it. That kind of pull has always guided me and that’s why Cat Tarot YouTube channel got created.

The channel just shows you a tip of the iceberg, however, if you want the goodies, the personal reading with me is in the store. I figure if you really want the intrinsic knowledge, then you will take the initiative and start your metaphysical venture with me.

My Approach

Above all, I am super-honest. Yes, the naked truth can be brutal at times, but it also brings catharsis and many of my clients were able to receive closure via receiving up-to-this-point-unknown higher level information.

I am happy to give you answers based on decades of experiences, understanding of the cards and testing their visual messages on my own skin.

Tarot does not lie. To double-check, I add other methods to the mix reading to further confirm and expand the reading, making it complete.

My answers to your questions won’t be vague: they will include the entire situation, past, present, fears, hopes, the outcome and how you can affect the outcome.

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