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We all wondered – why do I always see 111, 222, 333 etc? Or why is certain sequence always repeating, like our birthday numbers?

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that carry divine guidance by referring to specific numerological meanings.

In Numerology, the divine science of numbers, it is understood that each number carries with it a specific vibrational meaning that goes beyond a simple quantity.

This vibrational frequency is similar in nature to the frequencies at which angels and other celestial beings resonate. Often, when our guardian angels want to get our attention they will send us a specific series of numbers which will appear in our experience again and again.

It is the repetition of the sequence that will seem so uncanny and make you look wherever you can to find out more about what it might mean.

Angel numbers generally work https://myvulkan-clubs.com/ultra-hot-deluxe/ https://igrovyieavtomatibesplatno.com/reels-of-wealth-barabany-bogatstva-ot-betsoftgaming-realnye-obogashheniya-gejmerov/ through meaningful coincidence or synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term coined by psychologist CG Jung who believed that our minds are connected to a universal whole that he called the Collective Unconscious.

The Angel Message When You See Your Birthdate!

A birthdate is a number that has special significance for each of us. Your birthdate is the date in which your soul chose to take form in the physical world. It carries clues about your deeper purpose here on earth.

When your birthdate appears again and again, it is a message from the angels that is full of guidance about your deeper purpose. When this number appears, look at the circumstances surrounding their appearance.

Perhaps there is something in this situation that holds the key to your greater purpose.

Here are the messages that numbers are sending to you

111 – Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts).

222 – Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.

333 – The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

444 – The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

555 – Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative,” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

666 – Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.

777 – The angels applaud you, congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive sign and means you should also expect more miracles to occur.

888 – A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional career, or relationship phase. It also means there is light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, it means, “The crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them.” In other words, don’t procrastinate making your move or enjoying fruits of your labor.

999 – Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also, it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, “Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now.”

000 – A reminder you are one with God, and to feel the presence of your Creator’s love within you. Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.


Enjoy your journey. You are loved and you are supported.
Love, Cat

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