Tarot Classes:

1. All classes are to be paid for beforehand via secure e-payment via Paypal. The price is subject to change.
Current price is $500us, and it can be paid here: www.paypal.me/cattarot/500usd

2. There is no refund for cancellations. Your fee may NOT be put towards future classes if you are unable to attend.  Please understand that if you are unable to attend at the last minute, it means that I have been holding that spot for you and may not be able to fill it.

3. I do not offer refunds for my services, for any reason. Please shop mindfully. If you are not certain that my services are right for you, please feel free to spend some time exploring my website, my YouTube channel and my social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These free resources will give you an idea of my style, technique, and philosophy. You can also see testimonials from my clients on my site for further information.

4. Services Agreement: You will be remitting payment as a “Service”, not “Goods.” You’re not paying me for a product. You’re paying me for my knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and my time.

5. I reserve the right to refuse or revoke a certification to anybody, at any time, without the need to specify the exact reason. This rule applies both to Tarot and Reiki Certifications. There is a certain conduct that I expect in order to have the honor to receive these qualifications from me. Some of the disqualifiers are:  not doing the homework, reading for the others without the certification, witchcraft, profanities, ill-will toward the others, narcissism, disrespect etc.

6. To progress to the next level, e.g. Intermediate or Advanced Level, you will need to pass a test to confirm that you have maintained your knowledge.

7. Classes are self-study, however, the homework needs to be submitted to me via www.cattarot.ca/homework

8. The entire course is copyrighted and it’s use for any other purpose but self-study is prohibited. It is also strictly forbidden sharing the classes, or resources links without my permission. Unauthorised sharing or unauthorized access to the resources will lead to automatic dismissal and inability to continue the classes, and inability to receive your certifications. To be a Reiki practitioner or Tarot reader you have to at any time ensure that your energy is pure.

How to be effective in your online self-study:

Materials Needed: A notebook/tarot journal exclusively designated for the Cat Tarot -Tarot School, laptop or computer with internet access, and a working email. Tarot cards are not required but are absolutely recommended. The Rider-Waite tarot deck will be used to teach and will help students learn along. If you do not have a Rider-Waite deck, please let me know ASAP.

Students enrolled will have access to Cat Tarot to answer any and all questions that they have during tarot school time. Questions asked by students will receive filmed responses shared with the others in the current and following groups so all can benefit from the information being shared!

All courses will be filmed in advance and posted the day before class starts.

Cat Tarot School space is LIMITED! Only a handful of students per semester will be accepted.

Once class space is filled enrollment will close and future students will need to wait until next semester to reserve their spot.