How can randomly drawn cards have any relevance to someone’s life and what’s happening in it? What most readers say the Tarot can enlighten you about are the choices you have. The cards don’t tell you what you should do or what specifically is going to happen in your future, but rather the possibilities depending on the path you take.

It is said that Swiss psychologist Carl Jung discovered “the internal Tarot” of the human mind with his notion of archetypes. And it could be also argued that Tarot was already an underlying layer of the collective mind, which is where archetypes are printed —those fundamental images that constitute the psychic constellation of the human being.

“We can predict the future,” Jung stated, “when we know how the present moment evolved from the past.”

This evolution of the present is linked to the past, just as the conscious mind is subjected to the unconscious: the Tarot card or the hexagram is a visible manifestation of this connection, a type of synchronicity that forces itself to rise to the surface, but requiring, just as an oracle does, an accurate interpretation.


This period of time, these 30 minutes, give us the ability to focus on three burning questions in one area in your life.  If your question is about business projection, please sign up for a Business  Projection Reading. Having said that I am glad to address your job, general or love prospects.

This divination session gives enough time to see the majority of the details pertaining to the situation, including ‘the players’, the background information, if our fears are founded and how are we seen.

For the purpose of getting the most detailed answer and advice, my suggestion is not to ask simplistic YES or NO questions as you will only get the information about the end result, but not how to get there or alternative pathways. Hence, the best questions to ask are something like these:

  • Tell me about me and X, and what is in the store for us?
  • What can I do to attract my soul mate?
  • Is my relationship crowded? (Tell me about the obstacles/third party/hidden issues )
  • Tell me the real truth in this matter (for those of you who want to reach the closure)
  • Please give me the relationship guidance
  • etc.

The 30-minute read will require 60-75 minutes of my time as after I receive your question I will need to focus to really get your essence or the ‘vibes’ or whatever you want to call it. I will then decide what tools are the best for me to use (and which card deck) to best address your issue and to find the way to ‘connect those dots’. It is only then that I will turn the camera on and start your reading, only when my entire focus is on you and your question.

After I finish your session and editing the video, it is uploaded and the private link is sent to you.  I guarantee the storage for one month so if you wish to keep your reading I suggest downloading it to your computer/phone.  I might also send you any link, tool along the link to your reading, if I mentioned such tool in a reading e.g. meditation, relaxation technique, a book to read etc. Those are up to you if you want to follow, but those are ingredients I feel you must have to be able to cope with these type of problems the next time.

And lastly, you will receive 10% off coupon for your next reading which will be valid for 45 days, so prior to ordering the next follow-up session (and work on improving the situation in the meantime), please contact me so I can set up a discounted payment link.

Please also note, I will not answer questions regarding legal matters or health concerns. Furthermore, sending a payment confirms that you are in agreement to my Terms & Conditions.


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Please note:
1. Your session will be scheduled on the first come -first serve basis. If you do not receive your reading within the time frame stated in your confirmation email, please contact me at mysticcattarot  (at)
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  • Video recording of the entire session – 30 min
  • An answer to TWO questionsLove or Job questions, but it has to be from one area only.
    If you want to explore the relationship, please book Relationship/Ex Spread as it will give you more for your money.
    Karma, Business or Past Lives questions are NOT answered under this option. Also note, that I do not answer Health or Legal questions.

Estimated delivery time from the date I respond to your reading request is 1-2 weeks.  If you need it faster, consider my Rush or Urgent Services (see below).

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If your issue is very straightforward, or it might need even more in-depth analysis, I suggest you review my other divinatory sessions, 20 minutes or 60 minutes – Fly On The Wall, I want to know everything divinatory sessions.

This session covers 1 question of your choosing and will give you specific suggestions and answers.
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This is a comprehensive full-service divinatory experience that not only addresses up to three of your inquiries, short-term or otherwise, but also presents revelatory insights that you’ll want to revisit time and time again in the future. A complete tarot divination session from me is both a general reading and a specific reading. For more information about this reading, click here

And lastly, if you prefer a LIVE SESSION when we talk over the phone,  however, the cost is higher as these are treated as rush sessions and get to talk to me in 48 hrs or less. These sessions will allow you that within a time slot you ask various sub-questions. There is no limit in questions but there is a time limit.

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2. Your date of birth
(and time of birth if known. Please write the name of the month so there is no confusion)
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(if a question is about someone else as well)
4. His/her date of birth
(if a question is about someone else as well, and if this info is known)
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