Let’s Dive Deep To The Core of The Issues

$110.00 USD

Ok, you need why and when.  Divination systems operate on their own ‘time’. Here I use double and triple spreads, compare the partner’s current situation and also use Lenormand, Gypsy Oracle, and Kipper, if appropriate to the inquiry.

I start this reading with asking for current influences and then I go into answering your questions however this reading is meant to be ONLY for one area of your life to let us go deep in the issue.

You can ask me up to four (4) specific questions that I will divine upon. These questions cannot be about your Karmic path, business or a mixture of love and career reading. I need to prepare myself differently for these very different sessions, so in this session, we stick to getting very deep in one area.


There are no limitations to what you may ask, other than my ethical code as a tarot reader. However, you must come up with those questions yourself. I cannot help you come up with the questions or insert my discretion to tell you what questions I think you should ask. You have to arrive at your specific questions by yourself and if you cannot come up with three, we will divine on just the number of questions you have.

I do reserve the right to rephrase your questions, though we will certainly talk about it and you’ll have the opportunity to approve or reject my rephrasing prior to commencement. Based on my experience as a reader, sometimes I can spot questions phrased in a way that might not optimize your divination experience or I intuit that you’re really trying to ask one thing but the way you’ve phrased your question is vague and will produce an entirely different answer than what I think you want.

Typically, seekers will ask about career or employment prospects, love, and relationships, family relations, or a divinatory consultation for a major life decision.


  • Video recording of the entire session – 45 min
  • You can ask 3-4 questions but this reading does not cover Karma, Business or Past Lives question but it DOES cover Love, Job and General questions.

Delivery Time

Estimated delivery time from the date I respond to your reading request is 1-2 weeks.  If you need it faster, consider my Rush or Urgent Services (see below).


Payment Details

Payment will be by PayPal or by e-mail of an Amazon gift card in the stated dollar amount. Payment must be done before the time arrangements are done for your reading.

After the payment I’ll need the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your date of birth
(and time of birth if known. Please write the name of the month so there is no confusion)
3. His/her name
(if a question is about someone else as well)
4. His/her date of birth
(if a question is about someone else as well, and if this info is known)
5. Your questions. Please note that I will read and address them DURING your session.


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