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As you will see below,  I am taking this very seriously.

To be a successful tarot teacher one has to be: 

  1. Excellent if not expert knowledge of esoterics, mythology, religion, symbolism, numerology, astrology, colour theory etc.
  2. Teaching ability – Ideally, you are looking for a teaching professional with advanced presentation methods, ability to develop and follow-through the set curriculum and know the balance between the push-and-pull.
  3. Psychology or Sociology professional – because understanding how actions and situations affect circumstances and people is extremely important.

It really takes all three to get value out of the course. I’ve seen fabulous readers, not being able to explain their craft (think math teacher), and I have seen wonderful teachers who are not well-versed in the true meanings of the archetypes, and I have also witnessed readers who do not have clear understanding of life, nevermind psychology or sociology – the true sciences of how to behave and interact.

Will you learn from a teacher who can’t provide this well-rounded approach to this very deep subject? To start, you need to determine your goals with Tarot: Do you just wish to be entertained or do you want to go on a possibly life-long journey, getting to know yourself, the space around you and using tarot as a tool for getting a much-rounded person? If you still want just a ‘fast food tarot’, go for it, but if you are truly serious and you want the best possible ingredients and the best chef, then my school is the right place for you.

You can certainly check my About Me section, but let me tell you why I hesitated for such long time to start my own school and why I think this is better than anything else out there:

Why should you study with Cat Tarot?

For starters, my interest in occult and science have been visible since the earliest age. I am one of those people always asking too many questions, and a person who will double- and triple- check everything, including the ‘set standards’.  After a while, obtained knowledge starts to add up, and I enjoyed the tarot journey over the past 22 years (and no, I won’t be telling you white lies as some readers do LOL –  I often hear ‘I am doing this for 30, 40… whatever years’, and yet the reader is only 30 or 40 years old’.   Not only the statement is inaccurate but brings to question their ability to know when the studying stops and when the professional practice begins. Granted, Tarot is one of those difficult studies and it is a life-long exploration,  but you would not put your schooling in your work experience in your resume, would you? The same goes here.

In my opinion, it takes a minimum of 40 000 hours of apprenticeship (that is after learning the basics) to become a professional of any kind, such as a doctor, lawyer, blacksmith or a tarot reader. That apprenticeship stage was a normal stage in the past centuries and we since reinvented the schooling and some by-pass that very needed stage and jump in the fray not truly knowing what they are doing, and not even realizing how little they know.

What’s the harm you say? Well, first of all, you are dealing with an energy and the more you do it, the bigger psychological pressure is generated. You need to know how to harness it and still be able to give accurate answers and emit healing energy. It is unfortunate, but I see readers out there displaying enormous negative energy: they swear, threaten to their viewers, order you what to do, and think they are know-it-all. (In spite of them still living and/or being supported by their parents, and not having any life skills). Tarot is not a keyword. Tarot is a deep understanding of blocks of life.

Tarot Glory
Let’s be clear about something: there is no glory in Tarot reading. It is a personal experience, the one where you need to transcend from the 3rd to 4th, 5th or even 6th dimension or higher, and this new-found spiritual knowledge humbles you and excites you at the same time, for the fact that you were able to open this new doors to that hidden knowledge.

I have spent all these years doing the usual – university and professional licenses. And yes, I do have a PhD in Social Psychology so therapy and coaching is my thing, but I am also a teacher by profession and have worked as a marketing professional for many, many years. My strengths are the superior knowledge coupled with the presentation, precision and being able to guide you through the process in a strategic and concise way. I know when I need to encourage and when I need to ‘have a talk’ because both embracing love and tough love are tools in moving forward.

With this course, I am inviting you to walk to the light with me, because you will be obtaining the knowledge and the tools for development. I can’t see this path without the ability to be a healer, to yourself and to the others so each level will be combined with Reiki training and if successful, will give you a corresponding Reiki certification.

Cat Tarot School level I (Introduction) $225

4 Online classes approximately 60 minutes each, which you can take at your own leisure. You are provided private links and can study in the privacy of your home, on your time zone, and in your free time.
If you are not ready for high intensity and weekly homework of Certification Level, start here.
Classes are:
1. Cups and Pentacles
2. Wands and Swords
3. Major Arcana
4. How to read the cards
Coming up in September.

Cat Tarot School Level II (Tarot, Reiki & basic numerology COMBINED) $500

The first installment, Cat Tarot School Level II- Intermediate, you will have a clear understanding of who’s who in Tarot. I will start you off with the ability to understand and harness this esoteric energy and guide you through it.

There is something here for everyone who reads Tarot cards or wants to learn how. Whether you need help picking your first deck,  or are one of the millions of people who have a deck but don’t know how to read it, or you are an expert reader who wants to add some new ways of looking at the cards to your skill set, this course – yes, I mean this level course is powerful enough that even experienced Tarot readers can benefit from, and it is a fast-paced study for the ones who are newbies and want to learn this art.

The Tarot helps you to be more mindful by allowing you to tune into a deeper, inner level of awareness. It is a way to journey into yourself and one of the gateways to tap into your spiritual center. You may find, as I  did, that reading the cards with my time-proven methods seems to subtly alter the way you look at life, especially once you start doing multiple-card spreads.

The Level II – Intermediate –  is dedicated to self-exploration and self-study and it will give you apprentice tools to maintain this knowledge on your own. Each lesson is week-long and once a week you will receive a private link, but even though it is a self-study, you are not left to your devices as I will be there to guide you  and you will have to submit your weekly homework at last two days before the next lesson, in order to move forward.

At the end of the course, the participants who have passed all 10 levels and their Reiki requirements will receive both Tarot & Reiki Level I certifications.

INTERMEDIATE (LEVEL ii) – Certification Level

Curriculum  (I reserve the right to reshuffle the order)

  1. Introduction
  2. Reiki
  3. Tarot History / Tarot Decks – how and which one to choose
  4.  Suits and Elements /  Numerology in Tarot
  5. Tarot Families
  6. Swords
  7. Wands
  8. Pentacles
  9. Cups
  10. Major Fool, 1-12
  11. Major 13-21
  12. Basic Spreads

Who can apply for Level II – Intermediate?
This level is open to everyone (By applying and/or paying you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions)

To apply, it is a two-step process:

  1. Pay here

    Register for the class by paying a fee, click here
    (The fees are subject to change without the notice;
    With submitting a payment and/or application you
    are agreeing to my Terms & Conditions)

  2. Fill out the form:
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Cat Tarot School Level III – Diploma Level – A year-long course $1500 

This level is still in the works, and this will expand on the Level I and II, addressing each card with explaining archetypes, so each card can take us an entire hour!
I anticipate that this level will be a year-long with monthly interactive sessions and open office hours for questions.

Cat Tarot School Level IV- Degree/Expert Level
This level will be an upgrade to Levels I & II, and it will include seminars, practicums, and various speakers to deepen our knowledge and understanding of each ‘door’ in Tarot. This will be of the interest to anyone who wants to have their own Tarot or Shaman business.