“I can’t believe it! I was separated from my husband and wondered if we will get back together. I took this reading as soul-healing approach not expecting anything at all. Cat dealt the cards and in no time declared: He will be of no importance to you by the end of this month. Someone new is coming in and he will come in so strong that you will already hear new wedding bells. The only problem you will have now is how to get a divorce soon.

Yeah, right I thought to myself, but that week I met someone new who is so wonderful that within a month we got engaged and moved in together. It has been now 6 years, we are happily married and proud parents of twins. Thanks Cat. If it weren’t for your guide, that hand from God, I might have stayed at home cry and feel sorry for me. Instead you made me change my life for the better.” Victoria, USA

“Thank you so much! Your reading… WOW it’s exactly how I feel! …the kitty laying down with the paw over his face. And I also feel as if I’m suffocating like the cat in the first card,… under all those branches.

To be honest, I feel drained, tired and defeated and I hide when I feel this way so nobody will see my pain. But I’m such a leader that I know I can get up and defeat this and let people know my pain and ask for help. Thanks for opening my eyes.” Rachel P

“I’m not gonna lie. I have a pretty low tolerance for the woo. It makes me itchy. Or nauseous. Or both. And I virtually insist that any potential woo-ishness be radically practical. No floating around all la-la-la in the clouds, right?

So I approach this kind of stuff with an open-but-super-skeptical mind. And I turn my bullshit detector on high and am prepared to bail the second it goes off. But I also know that there’s more to life than we can see. Invisible stuff bubbling under the board. Someone with real skills can serve up a huge pile of insight and helpfulness by taking a peek at these invisible bubbling bits. And, hands down, Cat is that someone.” Andy M., California

Ok, this is not a woody thing as most readings I had. Before I had many good but also many bad readers. Some readers claimed they were ‘sent messages’ to deliver to me, others offered candles and potions. This is very different. Cat uses this cat-deck that I can easily relate to and feel the emotion but this is a combination of a tarot insight and life coaching (in one price :))I was given practical suggestions how to improve, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and have my readings once a month to stay on track. Hey Cat, any deal for a life-time customer?

From the second the reading started to the time we wrapped, Cat rocked my world. She is a whirlwind of insight with an extra large side of kapow. The initial spread answered 80% of the questions I had before I even had the chance to ask.

And Cat’s feedback was super specific. None of this, I see good things in your future nonsense. She zeroed right in on very specific areas of my life and rocked them all, one right after another. Plus she talks real talk. No esoteric blahblahblah. This felt less like a tarot reading and more like a high octane session with a wildly perceptive and fiercely intuitive consultant. I walked away feeling crystal clear about my life and my business. And I have a fabulous map that will allow me to go forth and properly rock the Casbah.

I am not someone who gushes about this kind of thing. But here I am gushing. Cat’s the real deal. Hire her with the quickness.”  ~ Robert F


“I had the incredible opportunity of receiving a Cat Tarot reading.  This is a seer that is divinely connected, and knows cards and has a great heart…I really appreciated how she received my questions, and the story created in her interpreted view was,  very complete. As by the end of my paid session, I was left feeling content, and learned on deeper level an understanding in the life experience(s) i chose. 

If your reading this? I thank you….. As your not here by chance. Consider her talent a gift.”  Jean M. USA

“Hi Cat,
I have to tell you – your reading is bringing me a sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time – if ever.  It’s all coming together and finally making sense to me. Thank you very much.” Robin B.